Tiago Finato is a painter who explores the overlap between the labor of contemporary art and the labor of the working class. He received his MFA from New Mexico State University and his BFA from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

Tiago's current body of work narrates a scenario where the subject is caught between these two conflicting ideologies, those of a manual laborer and a fine artist. Finato has exhibited his work throughout the United States, Spain and Brazil.


Every day that I come to the studio I ask myself, “who am I?”. In my research, I attempt to answer this difficult question by making paintings that reflect on my past experiences. In each painting, I pay close attention to overlaps between the labor of contemporary art and the labor of the working-class.

In the work titled “Taking a Break”, the Campbell’s soup can quote art history and Warhol’s contributions to the field of art. At the same time, the “on the go” sub-label description can be familiar to the laborer eating a meal on the go. Similar observations can be noted in the figure, symbols, and objects featured throughout this body of work.

As both, a person for whom physical labor has been a staple of my life experiences, and as a person that spent years studying art in the academic system; in each painting, I am looking for a language that allows me to expand the meaning of each subject depicted.

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